Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain No. 10 Red Essence Review and Swatches

So, I’ve unexpectedly fallen for the Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in No. 10 Red Essence.  I ordered it from Sephora as a 100 point sample and didn’t have high expectations.  I’m guilty of ordering all of the lip samples from Sephora….no matter the color or formula!  LOL

I am so happy with this product and it only costs $14 a pop!!  You know this is a great deal in the lip stain market.

This pic belongs to Sephora....oops....I forgot to take a personal pic of the tube

This pic belongs to Sephora….oops….I forgot to take a personal pic of the tube

photo 3

doe-foot applicator

indoor light

indoor light

I used this product just like I use the YSL Glossy Stain.  I apply a thin coat, then wait a minute before applying another coat.  The first coat looks like a stain.  And this stain lasts a long time on lips.

1 coat 'stain'

1 coat ‘stain’

The second coat adds richness and gloss.  Sephora recommends that you apply 3 coats for the most intense color.  I didn’t try 3 coats because I was at work and very nervous that the color would migrate all over my face (new job….so I can’t check my lipstick all day just yet 😉  Sephora also recommends that you wait a few seconds between applications.  I agree with this advice.  The stain needs a few seconds to absorb and set before another application.

2 coats

2 coats

(I decided to do some swatches on my finger because the finger tip is similar in color and texture to your actual lips.  It’s a decent way to try on lipstick in department stores and sephora is the tubes gross you out.)


photo 5

So for $14 you can get a product that’s comparable to YSL Glossy Stain in that it’s intensely pigmented and has buildable coverage.  I like that this product has a doe-foot applicator instead of the wand applicator YSL uses.  I find the doe-foot is easier to outline my lips with.

This lip stain did have one big drawback….when you eat the color will quickly disappear. I suggest that you just wipe it off before you eat and reapply after your finished eating.  After lunch, I had a lip liner ring of color around my lips….I hate that look.  Other than that, the color stayed put.

Have you had a change to try Sephora’s Rouge Infusion Lip Stain?  Did you pick up this sample?

I recommend this product.  It’s reasonably priced and comes in 12 colors.  I plan on picking up an orange and pink next.

Stay Gorgeous, Honey

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NCLA Los Angeles Nail Polish in Santa Monica Shore Thing

I subscribe to a monthly vegan beauty box and last month I received this nail polish from NCLA Los Angeles.  All of their nail products are 5 free….meaning they do not contain DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, and camphor.  They do not test on animals.

IMG_6435 This is my first time using NCLA color and I was very excited to try it out.  The color is described on the NCLA website as a light mint cream; in the online picture it looks like a mint cream.  In person, the color is more medium mint leaning towards tiffany blue.  It is not light mint.


Santa Monica Shore Thing is a creme formula.  It takes 2 coats in order to get an even application.  I applied a thin first coat and kinda got upset at how streaky it looked.  I waited 5 minutes and applied a really thick second coat.  I  waited another 5 minutes and applied a top coat.  Even though I applied a thick second coat, I found that the polish dried quickly….. this made me very happy 🙂   The brush is nice and thick and covered my entire nail in 1 swipe.




NCLA nail polish costs $16.  If you join their mailing list they will give you 15% off your first order.  I will be shopping with NCLA!!  They also have cool nail wraps online.  I’m gonna check those out too.

Stay Gorgeous

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MAC Pro Neon Orange Lipstick

I have wanted a MAC Pro card for forever, but I have no credentials that make me eligible.  A few years ago, my sister somehow managed to get a MAC Pro card and we used the discount on brushes and whatever colors we wanted in the store. We were completely unaware that we had access to a whole, exclusive line of Pro products.  Silly girls….


Well now the lipstick hoarding masses have access to 9 gorgeous MAC Pro lip colors.  I love orange for the summer, so the first lipstick I bought is Neon Orange.  I’ve been wearing it for a week and I’m in love.  It’s beyond bright, which makes it the perfect summer orange.


outside in full sunlight


taken outside

The wear time is great. I’ve gotten 5 hours before I even had to think about a touch up.  Because it’s such a bright color, I pair it with a clear lip liner (clear lip liner – the jury is still out on weather this is a bogus or brilliant product) just in case it starts to bleed.  This lipstick isn’t drying but your lips should be in tip top condition because it will highlight any dryness.  My lips are notoriously dry so I scrub and moisturize them before application.


taken indoors




I ordered this from sight unseen.  Yesterday I went into a store to play around with the other colors.  I also love Fusion Pink, Show Orchid, and Full Fuschia.

Have you picked up any of these?

Stay Gorgeous

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Chanel Illusion D’Ombre 97 New Moon – Swatches and Review

I was a little late with my Chanel Summer haul. Truth is….I was unimpressed by their Summer 2014 collection. Then, I saw a swatch of 97 New Moon Illusion D’Ombre. It was gorgeous and sold out online, so the hunt was on!! After 3 department stores all over the city, I finally found it at Dillard’s roughly an hour away from my house.



I have a few of these eyeshadows already so I know and love the quality and color pay off. This one is jam-packed with tiny multicolor glitter! It is so pretty and sparkly. It looks great layered over lighter colors. I layered this over a gold Illusion D’Ombre and put a high shimmer brown in the crease and it was a beautiful night look.




Taken in sunlight


Takin in sunlight


Taken with a flash outdoors

I’m happy that I was able to find this at Dillard’s in The Woodlands. I think you need New Moon in your life!

Stay Gorgeous!

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Dermatologist Tips for Dry Summer Skin

I feel like sometimes people think that dry skin goes away when winter weather goes away. The truth is that I have dry skin year round. The winter cold makes my skin dry and flakey and the summer humidity makes my skin dry and itchy….although my facial skin is combination all year. I have always treated my skin like everybody else, when summer rolls around, I switch from body butter to a lighter lotion. All of the body care companies appear to push lighter moisturizers in the summer too. I was in Target a few days ago and was shocked to see that Dove has a new body wash for dry summer skin called Summer Care Body Wash….I didn’t buy it because I didn’t like the scent.

I recently started following these tips for dry skin from a Houston Dermatologist. I hope these tips help you too!!!

1. Make sure showers and baths are not too hot. Hot water dehydrates the skin and leaves you dry and scaly. Try to stay away from harsh soaps, which remove all the skins natural oils leaving the skin dry and rough. (We recommend Dove soaps.)

2. After every shower our body needs moisturizing. The best emollients are oil based, like baby oil, almond oil, and massage oil. Thick creams are better than thin creams or lotions due to the higher oil content. If you like a particular type of cream and it is too thin, simply add oil to it and make sure to shake it before every application. The best time to apply oils or creams is immediately after your shower on wet skin before drying off completely. Dry your skin after and you won’t feel greasy.

3. Be sure to only wash with gentle soap daily, the areas that have an abundance of sweat or oil glands, like feet, underarms, face, and genitals. The rest of your body does not need soap everyday.

4. Gentle exfoliation helps to eliminate all dead skin cells leaving the remaining skin soft and smooth. Always try to avoid harsh scrubs. Once every month you can exfoliate with a gentle loofah, exfoliating soap, or gentle scrub cream.

5. If following all these “tips” for a couple of months does not relieve your dry, scaly, and/or dull skin, you might need a medicated moisturizer from your dermatologist.

Stay Gorgeous and moisturized 😉

Rouge La La

Summer Lust List – What I Want Now

Man, it’s hot here in Houston! But I’m not complaining, because it’s only going to get hotter! The heat forces me to skip primer, foundation and usually eyeliner. I would rather skip these than deal with them dripping down my face if I’m outside for more than 7 minutes. Anyway, it’s easier for me to wear some color in the heat, so I’ve compiled some color Summer picks that are on my wish list.

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Brightening Blush

I saw these at the counter and didn’t have a chance to try them on. They are both beautiful and sparkly.

pic via

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Eye Palette

I love the colors in this palette….look at that aqua color! There is also another palette with nudes and golds that’s equally pretty. Love the mix of shimmer and metallics.


Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow 108 Exaltation Pre Fall Collection

This is the perfect pop of color. I would wear it alone on the lid with lots of very black mascara.


Eye Shadow Base 04 Beige

I recently tried this at the Chanel counter. I didn’t buy it because I wanted this gorgeous gray eyeliner more. I sometimes like to wear eye shadow base when I want to go completely naked because my eye lids are oily. This pen gave me a nice matte beige base.


Burberry Lip Glow Balm 02 Pink

This is lipstick that can go up against Houston’s humidity!! Because it’s a balm, it won’t get sticky and heavy. It comes in 3 colors. We don’t have a Burberry counter here, so I’ll have to order this one.


Guerlain Meteorites Blossom Collection for Spring

This came out in the Spring and I have no clue how this one slipped past me. Guerlain has reformulated their Meteorites to make them easier to apply. I don’t collect anything, but I want to start a Meteorite collection 😉


Make Up Forever 12 Flash Color Case in Neutral

I have wanted the 12 Flash Color Case for forever, but I couldn’t justify spending almost $100 on a palette that had only bright, brights. The Neutral collection is a more practical choice for your average makeup lovin’ gal.


Dolce & Gabbana Summer Glow Collection Nail Lacquer in Gaia 176

Wouldn’t this be beautiful in the summer sun? Love it!


What are you picking up this SUMMER?

Stay Gorgeous!!

Rouge La La


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