Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain No. 10 Red Essence Review and Swatches

So, I’ve unexpectedly fallen for the Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in No. 10 Red Essence.  I ordered it from Sephora as a 100 point sample and didn’t have high expectations.  I’m guilty of ordering all of the lip samples from Sephora….no matter the color or formula!  LOL

I am so happy with this product and it only costs $14 a pop!!  You know this is a great deal in the lip stain market.

This pic belongs to Sephora....oops....I forgot to take a personal pic of the tube

This pic belongs to Sephora….oops….I forgot to take a personal pic of the tube

photo 3

doe-foot applicator

indoor light

indoor light

I used this product just like I use the YSL Glossy Stain.  I apply a thin coat, then wait a minute before applying another coat.  The first coat looks like a stain.  And this stain lasts a long time on lips.

1 coat 'stain'

1 coat ‘stain’

The second coat adds richness and gloss.  Sephora recommends that you apply 3 coats for the most intense color.  I didn’t try 3 coats because I was at work and very nervous that the color would migrate all over my face (new job….so I can’t check my lipstick all day just yet 😉  Sephora also recommends that you wait a few seconds between applications.  I agree with this advice.  The stain needs a few seconds to absorb and set before another application.

2 coats

2 coats

(I decided to do some swatches on my finger because the finger tip is similar in color and texture to your actual lips.  It’s a decent way to try on lipstick in department stores and sephora is the tubes gross you out.)


photo 5

So for $14 you can get a product that’s comparable to YSL Glossy Stain in that it’s intensely pigmented and has buildable coverage.  I like that this product has a doe-foot applicator instead of the wand applicator YSL uses.  I find the doe-foot is easier to outline my lips with.

This lip stain did have one big drawback….when you eat the color will quickly disappear. I suggest that you just wipe it off before you eat and reapply after your finished eating.  After lunch, I had a lip liner ring of color around my lips….I hate that look.  Other than that, the color stayed put.

Have you had a change to try Sephora’s Rouge Infusion Lip Stain?  Did you pick up this sample?

I recommend this product.  It’s reasonably priced and comes in 12 colors.  I plan on picking up an orange and pink next.

Stay Gorgeous, Honey

Rouge La La












MAC Pro Neon Orange Lipstick

I have wanted a MAC Pro card for forever, but I have no credentials that make me eligible.  A few years ago, my sister somehow managed to get a MAC Pro card and we used the discount on brushes and whatever colors we wanted in the store. We were completely unaware that we had access to a whole, exclusive line of Pro products.  Silly girls….


Well now the lipstick hoarding masses have access to 9 gorgeous MAC Pro lip colors.  I love orange for the summer, so the first lipstick I bought is Neon Orange.  I’ve been wearing it for a week and I’m in love.  It’s beyond bright, which makes it the perfect summer orange.


outside in full sunlight


taken outside

The wear time is great. I’ve gotten 5 hours before I even had to think about a touch up.  Because it’s such a bright color, I pair it with a clear lip liner (clear lip liner – the jury is still out on weather this is a bogus or brilliant product) just in case it starts to bleed.  This lipstick isn’t drying but your lips should be in tip top condition because it will highlight any dryness.  My lips are notoriously dry so I scrub and moisturize them before application.


taken indoors




I ordered this from sight unseen.  Yesterday I went into a store to play around with the other colors.  I also love Fusion Pink, Show Orchid, and Full Fuschia.

Have you picked up any of these?

Stay Gorgeous

Rouge La La

Estee Lauder Crystal Baby Gloss and Crystal Baby Nail Lacquer – Swatches and Review

Estee Lauder recently released a mini collection called Crystal Baby. I saw the collection on a beauty blogger’s page and was super excited because everything was pink! I looked for the collection everywhere, then realized that it was only released in Asia. Luckily, Nordstrom has the collection online. I picked up the Crystal Baby Lip Gloss and Crystal Baby Nail Lacquer.


I really like the Crystal Baby Pure Color Gloss. It is very much like all of the Estee Lauder Lip Glosses. It has the same scent and tackiness. I found that the color lasts for about 4 hours. It is very pretty, but like most light colors, I notice that the color tends to settle into my lip lines. It does look super pretty on top of a light lipstick.



photo 2-2

This is lip gloss only.

I have to admit that although I like the Crystal Baby Nail Lacquer, it is not my favorite. I applied two coats and the polish went on very smoothly. This is the same great quality as with all Estee Lauder nail colors. My manicure lasted for about 5 days before chipping.


The polish looks nude in the bottle and nude on my nails in these pictures, but in indoor lighting the color pulled more peach on me. I have no clue why I didn’t like this polish!? I think it just didn’t mesh with my skin tone.

Did you pick up anything from the collection? I kinda wish I would have tried the blush….

Stay Gorgeous,

Rouge La La




MAC Alluring Aquatic Clear Water Lipglass

Every once and a while MAC has something that I can’t live without….and it’s usually something in their summer collection. Last year it was this gorgeous sparkly brown lipglass and I don’t do brown lips ever. Last week, I was lucky enough to snag the Clear Water Lipglass from their upcoming Alluring Aquatic collection.

mac box

mac tube

I have had this all of three days and I’m already in love. Clear Water has a clear base with no color but tons of sparkle. The sparkle is mostly pink and silver. It’s a traditional MAC lipglass according to scent, wear time, and feel. I did notice that I have to apply two layers of this color to get the look I want. If you wear Clear Water alone you get crazy pretty sparkle. It also makes your lips look polished.

(It’s hard to get good swatches because the gloss is so sparkly!)

mac swatch

photo 3


I’ve been wearing it over a almost nude pinky color and it makes the color shiny and fun! I promise you that Clear Water will transform every lip color….even the ones you bought and said ugh why did I buy this?! Try this color on top of pinks because that will really bring out all of the pink shimmer in the gloss.

Clear Water over MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Morning Rose

Clear Water over MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Morning Rose

So, unfortunately Clear Water is sold out on MAC’s website. Macy’s and Nordstrom has the collection online right now.

Alluring Aquatic launches in stores this Thursday. I suggest that you shop on Thursday to snag this little beauty! I’m hitting counters early because I really want to try the shadows that have sold out online as well.

Did you happen to grab something from the collection before it sold out online?

Stay Gorgeous 😉

Rouge La La

ROUGE G DE GUERLAIN in Gigi 68 and Stardust Lip Gloss


I was in the mall with no where to go and nothing to buy….I was bored.  I wandered over to the Guerlain counter at Saks to try on Stardust Lip Gloss.

gloss gloss swatch

Stardust is very pretty with multi-color pieces in a sheer base.  It adds dimension to any lip color.  I usually put glosses like this only on the center of the bottom lip.

Since the gloss is so sheer, I told the lady at the counter that I wanted a pretty base lip color to try the gloss over.  I know that the Guerlain lipsticks in the nice big metal cases are crazy expensive so I skipped over those and started browsing the lipsticks in the $30 range.  The lady at the counter insisted that I try on one of the Rouge G lipsticks that I was trying to avoid.  To my disdain, she choose this one:  Gigi 68

indoor with flash

indoor with flash


I immediately fell in love with this color!!  Gigi is vivid and gorgeous.  It looks red in the below swatch but is more fuchsia on my lips.  It’s a statement lipstick that is not your typical red statement lipstick.  And it looked even more stunning with the Stardust gloss on top.  BUT….I didn’t buy it then, instead I walked around the mall to make sure that I really loved it.  I looked at my lips in every mirror that I passed…in the rear view mirror at red lights…in the bathroom mirror…everywhere.  I really was in love.



Stardust on top of Gigi

Stardust on top of Gigi


Gigi 68

Gigi 68

Gigi with Stardust

Gigi with Stardust

So I purchased the lipstick and the gloss.  The swatch above shows both on my lips.  The lipstick wears for around 6 hours on me; although the wear time decreases when you add the gloss.  I also love the Rouge G packaging with the mirror connected to the tube (sorry I forgot to take a pic).  The lipstick is nice and creamy and I am very happy that I splurged.

Rouge G De Guerlain in Gigi 68  –  $51

Stardust Lip Gloss – $30

Stay Gorgeous 😉

Rouge La La

Laura Mercier Lip Shine in Tempting Coral

In keeping with the Orange Color of the Year theme….I present to you…Laura Mercier Lip Shine in Tempting Coral:

(pause for oohs and aahs)

She’s a beauty, right? I don’t, or I should say, didn’t have a lot of Coral or Orangie makeup when this trend first rolled around. As you can see….I’ve embraced the trend and am loving every Orange and Coral I’ve tried so far.

Let’s check it out:

Awkward extreme close up of my lips lol

Tempting Coral is part of Laura Mercier’s limited edition Lingerie Collection for Spring. This bright coral has a nice golden sparkle. After the lip gloss has worn off (which happens pretty quickly) you are left with golden sparklies….which kinda works if you don’t have time to immediately reapply color. All of Laura Mercier’s Lip Shines are non-sticky and high shine which equates to a beautiful, buttery smooth gloss.

So I tried Tempting Coral on top of Sephora’s Tangerine Tango and I haven’t worn these colors separately ever since! Take a look:

Tempting Coral, Tempting Coral over Tangerine Tango, Tangerine Tango

Now, down to the bottom line….Do I need this in my collection?

Say YES if:

You like gold shimmer in your gloss.

You like non-sticky gloss

You have a orangie lipstick that you want to polish up a bit

Say NO if:

You can’t stand a product with a low wear time.

$22 is too much for lip gloss!!

You feel lied to when products are bold in the pot but sheer on lips.

Have you tried Laura Mercier Lip Polish?

Stay Gorgeous 🙂

Rouge La La


Sephora + Pantone Universe = Love

I have a confession to make….I have never bought a Sephora brand lipstick. I think it’s mostly because there are so many other more exciting lipsticks in the store and the Sephora line never really stood out to me…until now.

Their collaboration with Pantone is irresistible. The collection comes packaged in a sleek box with the orange Pantone color wheel on the outside. The lipstick inside is extra lux. The lipstick case is shiny white and very heavy…way heavier than Tom Ford or Chanel…this is probably due to the magnetic closure. It all makes for a nice touch and a little something different in your makeup collection.

The color inside is close to Pantone Tangerine Tango. The Sephora lipstick is a bit more orange whereas the Pantone color is more red. But, no worries as this color is very wearable.

The texture is smooth and hydrating and the finish is glossy. The glossy finish is nice, but it can make the product look a little streaky on lips….which I don’t like. The streaking becomes more obvious when the lipstick is applied heavier, but the color looks better when it’s really packed on there. I suggest applying the color, then blotting your lips in between applications to build up the product slowly.

Tangerine Tango gives a nice pop of color to any look, but here’s the real question: do I need this lipstick in my collection?


Say YES if:

You look FAB in Orange!!

You collect limited edition pieces.

You wanna rock the new Color of the Year Makeup trend! Love it!! 


Say NO if:

Smells are an issue….Tangerine Tango has a slight smell…not bad but also not good…like a cross between vanilla and orange

$18 is too much for lipstick


What do you think about Sephora + Pantone Universe?


Stay Gorgeous!

Rouge La La Mia