Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain No. 10 Red Essence Review and Swatches

So, I’ve unexpectedly fallen for the Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in No. 10 Red Essence.  I ordered it from Sephora as a 100 point sample and didn’t have high expectations.  I’m guilty of ordering all of the lip samples from Sephora….no matter the color or formula!  LOL

I am so happy with this product and it only costs $14 a pop!!  You know this is a great deal in the lip stain market.

This pic belongs to Sephora....oops....I forgot to take a personal pic of the tube

This pic belongs to Sephora….oops….I forgot to take a personal pic of the tube

photo 3

doe-foot applicator

indoor light

indoor light

I used this product just like I use the YSL Glossy Stain.  I apply a thin coat, then wait a minute before applying another coat.  The first coat looks like a stain.  And this stain lasts a long time on lips.

1 coat 'stain'

1 coat ‘stain’

The second coat adds richness and gloss.  Sephora recommends that you apply 3 coats for the most intense color.  I didn’t try 3 coats because I was at work and very nervous that the color would migrate all over my face (new job….so I can’t check my lipstick all day just yet 😉  Sephora also recommends that you wait a few seconds between applications.  I agree with this advice.  The stain needs a few seconds to absorb and set before another application.

2 coats

2 coats

(I decided to do some swatches on my finger because the finger tip is similar in color and texture to your actual lips.  It’s a decent way to try on lipstick in department stores and sephora is the tubes gross you out.)


photo 5

So for $14 you can get a product that’s comparable to YSL Glossy Stain in that it’s intensely pigmented and has buildable coverage.  I like that this product has a doe-foot applicator instead of the wand applicator YSL uses.  I find the doe-foot is easier to outline my lips with.

This lip stain did have one big drawback….when you eat the color will quickly disappear. I suggest that you just wipe it off before you eat and reapply after your finished eating.  After lunch, I had a lip liner ring of color around my lips….I hate that look.  Other than that, the color stayed put.

Have you had a change to try Sephora’s Rouge Infusion Lip Stain?  Did you pick up this sample?

I recommend this product.  It’s reasonably priced and comes in 12 colors.  I plan on picking up an orange and pink next.

Stay Gorgeous, Honey

Rouge La La