LUSH Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask Review

A new Lush free standing store opened in the mall near me and I couldn’t resist trying something new. I love the bath bombs and massage bars and lotions, but I have never tried the skin care. I decided to try a face mask. I picked the Brazened Honey mask because it’s a deep cleaning mask for  combination and oily skin. My skin is combination, but also sensitive. The sales lady did a demo of the mask on the back of my hand and there was no sensitivity so I went for it.


I suggest that you stir the mask before application because it appears to separate a bit. The mask was messy to apply. There are small chunks of almond in the mask and the bigger chunks of almond didn’t apply smoothly to the skin….some of them fell in clumps from my face.


My face immediately began to sting and my upper lip area began to burn. I knew there was ginger in the mask so I expected a slight tingle. And my upper lip area is extremely sensitive to everything, so that wasn’t a surprise. The tingling went away and I was able to keep on the mask for about 15 minutes, because I like my masks to dry completely. (Then I read that you should rinse the mask off after 10 minutes….oops.)  I re-wet the mask and as I rinsed it off, I began to rub it into my skin like a face scrub….which was amazing since it has all of those almond pieces in it.

I love the end result! My skin looks clear and smooth and feels soft. The Kaolin clay really worked at pulling out all the dirt and the tiny blackheads on my nose. I also love that all of the ingredients are natural….when I was rinsing off the mask I didn’t freak out because it got on my lips and up my nose. (I always make a huge mess when I wash off face masks!) Aside from the initial tingling, my skin didn’t react badly to this mask, but I think next time I will use it only on my T-zone because that’s the spot that needs the hardcore deep cleaning this mask provides.

And this mask is super affordable…2oz. for $6.95. Don’t forget to keep your mask in the fridge and use within 3 weeks. I almost forgot….Lush sells a serum called Full of Grace that they recommend using before applying the mask. They say that it helps the mask absorb into skin better. I think I’ll go back for this.

What’s your favorite Lush product?

Stay Gorgeous 😉

Rouge La La