Chanel Illusion D’Ombre 97 New Moon – Swatches and Review

I was a little late with my Chanel Summer haul. Truth is….I was unimpressed by their Summer 2014 collection. Then, I saw a swatch of 97 New Moon Illusion D’Ombre. It was gorgeous and sold out online, so the hunt was on!! After 3 department stores all over the city, I finally found it at Dillard’s roughly an hour away from my house.



I have a few of these eyeshadows already so I know and love the quality and color pay off. This one is jam-packed with tiny multicolor glitter! It is so pretty and sparkly. It looks great layered over lighter colors. I layered this over a gold Illusion D’Ombre and put a high shimmer brown in the crease and it was a beautiful night look.




Taken in sunlight


Takin in sunlight


Taken with a flash outdoors

I’m happy that I was able to find this at Dillard’s in The Woodlands. I think you need New Moon in your life!

Stay Gorgeous!

Rouge La La







Dermatologist Tips for Dry Summer Skin

I feel like sometimes people think that dry skin goes away when winter weather goes away. The truth is that I have dry skin year round. The winter cold makes my skin dry and flakey and the summer humidity makes my skin dry and itchy….although my facial skin is combination all year. I have always treated my skin like everybody else, when summer rolls around, I switch from body butter to a lighter lotion. All of the body care companies appear to push lighter moisturizers in the summer too. I was in Target a few days ago and was shocked to see that Dove has a new body wash for dry summer skin called Summer Care Body Wash….I didn’t buy it because I didn’t like the scent.

I recently started following these tips for dry skin from a Houston Dermatologist. I hope these tips help you too!!!

1. Make sure showers and baths are not too hot. Hot water dehydrates the skin and leaves you dry and scaly. Try to stay away from harsh soaps, which remove all the skins natural oils leaving the skin dry and rough. (We recommend Dove soaps.)

2. After every shower our body needs moisturizing. The best emollients are oil based, like baby oil, almond oil, and massage oil. Thick creams are better than thin creams or lotions due to the higher oil content. If you like a particular type of cream and it is too thin, simply add oil to it and make sure to shake it before every application. The best time to apply oils or creams is immediately after your shower on wet skin before drying off completely. Dry your skin after and you won’t feel greasy.

3. Be sure to only wash with gentle soap daily, the areas that have an abundance of sweat or oil glands, like feet, underarms, face, and genitals. The rest of your body does not need soap everyday.

4. Gentle exfoliation helps to eliminate all dead skin cells leaving the remaining skin soft and smooth. Always try to avoid harsh scrubs. Once every month you can exfoliate with a gentle loofah, exfoliating soap, or gentle scrub cream.

5. If following all these “tips” for a couple of months does not relieve your dry, scaly, and/or dull skin, you might need a medicated moisturizer from your dermatologist.

Stay Gorgeous and moisturized πŸ˜‰

Rouge La La



Birchbox is by far the best $10 I spend every single month. Birchbox is a monthly subscription that delivers luxe beauty samples right to your door. It’s a fun way to buy and try high-end beauty products. Each month you receive a selection of 4 to 5 hand picked deluxe beauty samples. All products have been tried and selected by the Birchbox team. I’ve been a member for the last 7 months and am very happy with the sample selection. Over the last few months my samples have ranged from a full size Stila eyeliner to a deluxe sample of Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash! Let’s check out this month’s goodies:


  • Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens – I love these sheets. They absorb shine without smudging your makeup. They also have small pieces of tea leaves embedded in the sheet.
  • Color Club Nail Lacquer in Lava Lamp – Neon Orange and it’s already on my toes πŸ™‚
  • Grandma Stelle’s Refreshing Hand Soap – Citrus scent is great for the kitchen.
  • Traditions by Nick Chavez – Yucca Root Shampooing Cream
  • Stila Smoky Eye Card
  • Kusmi Tea – Detox Tea

What do you think about Birchbox?

Stay gorgeous…
Rouge La La